About Game

Johnny Revolver VS Zombies is Backbone fun’s first game, and we believe that once you meet our new hero Johnny Revolver and his cute four legged friend Remington as well as bunch of our funny enemies, you will fall in love with them as much as we did.

At its core, Johnny Revolver VS Zombies is a side-scrolling shooter in western settings. Shooting zombies was always fun and we as fans of western genre made a decision to mix fighting undead creatures with some wild west shooting and tons of cartoon humor.

Cool weapons, lots of locations, a companion in the form of a cute dog, a charismatic main hero and lots of achievements to unlock, a cool soundtrack and a simple but interesting story. That is what makes this western game so charming.

Johnny and Remington are our babies and just like every parent, we want our babies to be strong and well received by other people. And we are ready to do everything to achieve that.

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Our Team

Our team is full of experienced game developers who worked on various kinds of games like ARMA 2, MINER WARS or MIRROR MYSTERIES. We also have people who have backgrounds in the film industry and worked as an animators on various kinds of films, one Harry Potter film included.